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    TATVAN aims to help people achieve higher state of consciousness
    for self-repair & self-regulation through its unique Self Realization program.

Welcome to TATVAN

Formed in 2012, TATVAN is The Association of Tarot, Vedic Astrology and Numerology, organized for the purpose of bringing together learners, enthusiasts, professionals and experts from the fields of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, and other Occult Sciences. This holistic organization aims to provide quality readings, enriched courses and in-depth wisdom of Tarot, Astrology, Numerology, Runes and other related subjects, through its various resources – Magazines, Books; Seminars; Workshops; Holistic Events. It also aims to provide network and connectivity among like-minded people, for ideas and inspiration, to grow and flourish professionally as well as socially. TATVAN endeavors towards nourishing the human soul, often neglected in pursuit of wealth, power and pleasures of life. TATVAN invites all individuals, learners and seekers of knowledge, who wish to expand their vision of life and destiny; share their experiences and knowledge. Register with TAVAN today!

Founder Member of TATVAN

Puneeta V Chandna is a renowned tarot card reader, astrologer, numerologist, govt. accredited trainer, psychic counselor and life coach, in India as well as abroad. She is the Director of Navdrishti Times, and has published soulful Magazines, Books - ‘EMPOWER LIFE’ and ‘SPEAK TO YOUR SOUL’. She has empowered lives of hundreds of individuals through her life- changing consultations, and has conducted transformational Workshops and Seminars in government and private sectors including NIESBUD, MSDE, Fortis and ABAS.
She has worked in various print & media channels including Zee TV, Disha TV, News 7, DD National, DD India, Delhi Vaibhav, Empower Life, Navdrishti Times, Build India News, Lafiesta, Careworld etc and had been widely appreciated for her role in the panel of Celebrity Experts in Election Forecast, 2014 at Zee Punjab. She has been successfully participating in exhibitions from last ten years at World Book Fair, Colleges, Corporate sectors, Hospitality sector, hotels, fashion festivals etc. where thousands of clients gain insightful answers and remedies to their life issues.
Puneeta Chandna is recipient of National and International felicitations that includes Rising Star of Asia in Kyrgyzstan, Indian Icon Award, Rajiv Gandhi Excellence Award, Mystique Legendary Award, Women Entrepreneurship Award, National Achiever Award, Navratna of India Award, Social Justice Excellency Award, Humanity Achiever Award, Shine of India Award, Bhartiya Mahila Gaurav Award, Bharat Gaurav Sammaan, Diamond of India Award, Naari Tujhe Salaam Award, Social Justice Excellency Award etc.
She believes that a true leader is one who helps the followers capable of leading in their own ways.

Our Motto

Let every individual rise above his/her potential
as the power of self can be explored
infinitely in this Universe

Find out what we can do for you!


Tarot is like a mirror that does not lie. It tells about current hopes, ambitions, and projections of future. It also tells about outcome of various choices available in our lives.

Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology is an ancient India science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth.


Numerology allows to discover your unique combination of Numbers, so that one can check if these numbers vibrate in harmony with the universal ones, for one’s own growth.

Angel Cards

Angel Cards, just like Tarot cards, act as powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their lives. They access the energies of angelic beings for the right direction.


Pendulums are being used for thousands of years as a magical device to answer virtually any question in Yes or No. It reveals about one’s inner desires and feelings.


Like all other things, Runes vibrate to the universal energy. They are capable of providing unbiased insights into yourself and your futuristic plans. Act as meditational tools.


Originated in China, it is a great tool to find solutions while dealing with certain problems, and guides for personal development. Supports in making choices.


Lithomancy is a form of divination, by which future is told using stones or light reflected from these stones that have vibrational nature, just like Runes and Tarot Cards.

TATVAN Provides Free Online Services for Inquisitors

Angel Guidance

Numerological Calculator

Find Your Birth Angels

Online Courses


Professional Courses

TATVAN offers professional courses, whereby individuals can expand their knowledge in the area of their interest. Beginners can learn about varied divine guidance and experienced professionals can enhance their skills on their own divine methods. More

Seminars / Workshops

TATVAN frequently conducts 1 or 2 day workshops or seminars, on topics of interest. In the past, such sessions included topics such as Runes; Astrological Tarot; Astrological Numerology; Aura, etc. If you want to be informed of these workshops, you may Register Here

Personal Consultations

Whether it is Tarot Card or Rune Reading; Analysis of your Birth Chart or your Name; Tips to increase your Aura or simple remedies to ease your destined path; Reiki & Angel Healing or motivation to lead a fruitful life, you can book for your Personalized Appointment Here


TATVAN offers free subscription to its E-Magazine that covers articles on Occult Sciences; Motivational Stories; Varied Divination methods; Predictions; and Profile / Advertisement of Professional Readers available in your city. Subscribe for your free copy Here


Crystal Rocks, Bracelets, Pyramids, Angels; Healing Perfumes, can be purchased Online or in person at our center, located in Kirti Nagar, Delhi. All crystals are charged with Reiki Healing for better results. Affirmations are also provided on request. Call at 9910008169 for details.


If you are planning a Tarot Party or want a motivation lecture for your employees or interested to conduct a workshop for your team in your city or want us to speak on a topic in your event, we are more than happy to help you. Call at 9910008169 for details.

What clients have to say about our services

Take a browse at our feedback below

Very good analysis and advice. Now I feel stronger and better about my life. Thanks Puneeta.

Bozena, UK

Some very accurate observations and some insightful comments that caught me off-guard.
Avi, Bangalore, India
Extremely useful and productive, comprehensive and insightful. Designed in a very simple yet very effective manner that provides a very vast platform for different tarot interpretations.
Mannjistha M Bhatt, Mumbai, India

I found the reading very informative and gave me lot of answers to the questions I had in my mind. Thanks Puneeta.

Shyama, UK

Good and clear analysis, gave me a direct vision for future, thanks Puneeta.

Gaynor, UK

Puneeta's way of presenting things are excellent. Me and my wife are very comfortable before analysing the cards. Her analysing has been true and has happened as she communicated.

Nandu & Madhu Etikala, Basel, Switzerland

Very accurate, sense of warm feeling, very relaxed and good work. Definite worth every penny.

Kuldip, UK

Very good readings by Puneeta. The cards answered my questions in very direct ways. Quite amazed and by the power of cards and interpretations. Love to say the phrase being 'spot on'. Feel invigorated and came away with experience feeling very positive.

Sonia Chopra, Delhi, India

The UK can't afford to lose a person with so much talent. I will follow her progress through the worldwide web.

Navjeet Nair, UK


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