Pendulum dowsing is another relevant method of fortune divining with the use of a weight in the form of pendulum, metal rod, crystal attached to a thread, chain or string. We can use the pendulum to answer virtually any question and to reveal more about our inner desires and feelings. Today, dowsing is widely used as a simple but effective tool of search and discovery for anything from lost objects to architectural plans, from unconscious desires to geographical surveys.
The pendulum is like a powerful antenna, the receptor of information that instantly picks up the vibrations, energy patterns radiated by the subconscious mind of human beings. It is a bridge between human body and the outside world. Whatever question is asked from the pendulum, the answer comes in the form of YES or NO from the universal energy via ones own unconscious mind. While using pendulum for dowsing, one should be very accurate in framing the question.
In Vedic Astrology, an astrological chart or horoscope of a person is built up, which consists of 12 houses and each house represent various aspects of life such as Personality, Health, Wealth, Profession, Diseases, Romance, Family, Travel, Gains/Losses, Parents, Siblings, Children, Education, Enemies, Luck, Spirituality, Religion, Hospitalization, Expenditure, etc. The placement of 9 planets in 12 houses, at the time of birth and its transit during the lifetime of a person, is the basis for prediction and analysis of a horoscope